As a kid, I got into trouble with my teachers a lot, because I did not believe them. Could it really be true that we, Homo Sapiens, achieved all that stupidity taught to us in history class?

We’re destroying the planet, there’s a new Cold War, and unstable economic systems… At the same time we’re intelligent and receiving the Nobel Price. It does not make sense!
This has inspired the title of my next book: Homo Stupido: Are We Intelligent or Stupid?

We are all born a genius, so why does stupidity dominate everything from war, the environment, politics to economics, terror and sport?

  • As a Homo Genius, it would be stupid not to read this book.
  • As a Homo Stupido, it would be genius to read this book.
  • Discover the animal kingdom’s take on Homo Sapiens.

I've previously written four books, including One and Sharkonomics, which have been translated into several languages. Sharkonomics recently sold over 10,000 copies in China.

In my next book, Homo Stupido, I will be moving away from pure business books into simply capturing what’s next for humankind.

“I know that we should never underestimate human stupidity. It’s one of the most powerful forces in history.”
Professor Yuval Noah Harari, Author of Sapiens (

The cover is a vision to showcase the potential sales of the book.