As a kid, I got into trouble with my teachers a lot, because I did not believe them. Could it really be true that we, Homo Sapiens, achieved all that stupidity taught to us in history class?

If we Homo sapiens are a so intelligent, so why are we destroying the planet, new cold or hot wars, unstable economic systems, viruses, fake news, increased authoritarian leadership…?
This has inspired the title of my next book: Homo Stupido: Are We Intelligent or Stupid?

  • Peace will never be a stupid idea.
  • Intelligent life on this planet?
  • Do we really deserve this planet?
  • Are we intelligent enough to handle AI?
  • Do we have a choice to not be stupid?
  • Discover the animal kingdom’s take on Homo Sapiens.

I've previously written four books, including One and Sharkonomics. In Homo Stupido will I be moving away from pure business books into simply capturing what’s next for humankind.

“Two things are infinite: the Universe and human stupidity.”
Albert Einstein

“There is no sin except stupidity.”
Oscar Wilde

“Never argue with stupid people.”
Mark Twain

The cover is a vision to showcase the book.